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December 29, 2017

Bobby Cappuccio

The Cappuccio and Tempest Podcasts Look Set To Be Bigger Than The Star Wars Trilogy 

Bobby Cappuccio and Mel Tempest Episode 2 in their series...

Quoted by Eugene Downing from Gym Click Media who edits the podcasts 


Best you sit down with your prefered beverage sit back and put your feet up! 

This podcast is a 62-minute investment that will give your business a quick return in the first quarter of 2018. 

Big statement?
Don't have an opinion until after you activate this podcast. GO!

*Gym Owners Tills Are Empty

 *Open Your Ears And Close Your Mouth

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I loved this podcast and found myself busily writing notes.

Club owners are afraid to step off the grid

Club owners need to stop playing it safe 

Cuoco's is spot on; club owners need to open their mind when it comes to gym design.

Gym design is not about where you place your equipment; it's about the lights, reception area, locker rooms, colours that are not on trend, you need to STOP following other clubs, stop replicating what they do.

We talk about designs concepts that every club owner can achieve regardless of budget. 


"Club owners need to lift their game." 


"Cuoco Black is the fitness industry's most innovative branding and design expert". Jim Thomas, Principal, - Gym Turnaround Expert

"Simply, the existing gym brands can't compete with the models that Cuoco Black creates."
Jason Linse, Principal, The Business Of Fitness - Contributing Editor Club Solutions Magazine


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It's not just an app's a Revolution

PH360 is the beginning of a movement to change the way our clients see health and wellness.
Imagine having the correct information for your client, the right food, the right exercise, the weather changes so the app changes your clients needs to suit the weather!

This app sends you notifications to tell you your under stress and what to do! Whats more amazing it aligns with the Inbody Scanner in your club. See the testomonials at the bottom of the page from club owners and trainers.

'No cost to the club'

 Results for your members which

means retention and referalls 



Testimonial of gym owner
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SubaClass is the answer the fitness industry

has been seeking out for years!

Imagine an app that allows you to post the need for fill-ins that goes directly to the phone of group fitness instructors!!


Listen to Deb Goldberg explain this great new accessory that every group fitness manager and the instructor will be screaming for!


Contact Deb Goldberg below or grab her details from the podcast!!!


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This is an amazing podcast you just need to press play and listen

*Reluctant Selling *Are we running faster and faster to stay ahead? 

*Scripts *The future for the independent club owner *Small Business *Trends 

*We have the opportunity to shift *Curry

*Favourite Quote *The Witch 

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Jay Graves District Manager At Golds Gym put into action the tools from a previous panel podcast.

The panel and I along with Jay discuss how he was able to implement them into his team at Golds Gym and get results.

Robert gets a touch fired up on numbers which resulted in a few bleeped out words.

Michael who has just launced a great new book ( see his facebook page can't give away too much here) gets stuck straight into all things the why of what we do!

This podcast is a little longer but a definite listen!


Robert Dyer at


Michael Mantell


Jay Graves


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The Gym Owners Business Podcast


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