A Fresh Thomas Plummer Episode November 2017

November 19, 2017


This episode with Thomas will set you up with the latest business coaching tools to set your business up in 2018. Thomas talks about how the United Kingdom has taken off and why. Those making a mark in Australian fitness industry. 

The most significant game changers for you in the last 12 months. 

The names of the 'guns' for you to follow. 

The image of the fitness industry is changing; people are taking us more seriously.

Thomas gives you the top names for you to follow. Nutrition, Coaching, Mindest, Social Media, Over 50's and Sports Performance.

He talks about Filex in Sydney 2018

   "The Rule Book Is Out"

Thirty minutes with Thomas at the start of the week will set you up for a strategy beyond twelve months. 

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Ned Arick From Netpulse Your Personal Gym Branded Asset App

November 12, 2017

If You Have Ever Wondered What A Club Gym App Can Do  For Your Business?

We Have The Answers In This Podcast

Back To Basics So You Get It! 

We Decided With This Podcast To Go Right Back To The Basics So You Could Understand Each Icon And How They Will Bring Income And Community To Your Facility

We Discuss How You Can Promote Deals, Challenges, Refer A Friend, Push Notifications,Rewards Program, Personal Training And Class Schedules To Non Members As Well As Members.

Listen At The End When You Hear The Latest News!

I Believe Club Branded Apps Will Replace Web Sites.

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or Via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ned.arick





The Power Of Leadership Vision With Andrew Simmons

November 7, 2017


A Jack Welch quote:- "Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion." Words Demonstrated By Andrew Simmons 


Listen to Andrew Simmons From Vision Personal Training 

Discuss Leadership, Recognition

And The Myth Of Work Life Balance


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Sick Of Losing Members To The Functional Training Studio Down The Road?

October 29, 2017

Maximise Your Members Spend And Results In The Club

Add Value To Your Business

All With Tribe Team Training's Portfolio Of 

*Quality Controlled Content *Exciting Music *Marketing *Ongoing Education and You Can Use Your Current Equipment 

Tribe Team Training Can Build Your Clubs Team Training Programs

Just Like Les Mills Built Successful Group Fitness Programs For Clubs Globally! 

Tribe Works Effectively And Efficently With Myzone,

Your Club Challenges And Nutrition Plans.


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Is The Fitness Industry To Blame For Failure?

October 22, 2017



Anything is possible when these three personalities come together! Get ready for what is set to be an entertaining, in your face, reality check on the real deal of the fitness business. Now on air

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Fitness Business Legal Responsibilities

October 17, 2017



 You Have Minors In Your Club

You Are A Personal Trainer Who Is A Contractor 

You Are A Gym Owner Who Lease's To Contractors 

You Are Selling Or Buying A Gym?

A Partnership Is A Possibility  

You Need A Pre Nup For Your Business 

Scott McKenzie is high in demand as a lawyer to the worlds fastest growing industry fitness.

In this podcast you will get clear instruction on the legal topics and issues currently circulating the media.





Peter Jordan From Real Estate, Fitness, Education to Global Networking Traveller

October 8, 2017

I was pulled towards interviewing Peter based on the shift with the Isagenix product. I personally didn't understand this product and thought it was just a drink. Peter shares his story about not knowing where he was in life,  unhealthy, over weight and lost. He took the product based on a dare from a friend.

He now travels the world changing lives, what impressed me the most was the research and complience that the product meets. The different packages that are on offer.

*Sports *Weight Loss *General Wellbeing 

Pete explains the difference between pyrimad selling which this isnt and networking marketing.

*Mel Tempest is not connected to Isagenix 




Strength And Conditioning Education Is Coming To Australia

September 25, 2017

Brendan Chaplin From The U.K Strength And Conditioning Education 

Brendan talks About Launching In Australia and He Seeks Trainers!

Training Trainers To Connect And Coach "Connecting Is Your Brand"

Biggest Problem With Trainers Coming Into The Industry

We Touch On Wearable Technology 

The Future Of The Fitness Professional  


Mish Wright talks openly about sex, pelvic floors and fitness in womens health

September 16, 2017


Sex - Pelvic Floor - Babies - Womens Health Issues and Why Women Should Train On One Leg!




Adam White Talks Equipment Trends And What Other Clubs Are Doing

September 2, 2017

Last night I had the pleasure of interviewing Hammer Strength Australia and Life Fitness Australia area manager Adam White. Our podcast is now released  we cover topics such as *Start Ups At $100k *Giving Gym Owners Permission to scale down so they can scale up and *What are the hottest go too buy pieces! Keep your ears open on this short but informative podcast. The Gym Owners Business Podcast is proudly sponsored by Gym Click Media National Fitness Business Alliance/Thomas Plummer Company and CFM Liam Robertson Find us on iTunes