I loved this podcast and found myself busily writing notes.

Club owners are afraid to step off the grid

Club owners need to stop playing it safe 

Cuoco's is spot on; club owners need to open their mind when it comes to gym design.

Gym design is not about where you place your equipment; it's about the lights, reception area, locker rooms, colours that are not on trend, you need to STOP following other clubs, stop replicating what they do.

We talk about designs concepts that every club owner can achieve regardless of budget. 


"Club owners need to lift their game." 


"Cuoco Black is the fitness industry's most innovative branding and design expert". Jim Thomas, Principal, FMConsulting.net - Gym Turnaround Expert

"Simply, the existing gym brands can't compete with the models that Cuoco Black creates."
Jason Linse, Principal, The Business Of Fitness - Contributing Editor Club Solutions Magazine


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