As a club owner, I was excited to hear about the growth of Zenbly over the last eighteen months, I have to say the resources and tools that are available to both independent clubs and muti site clubs have been well thought out. John and his team have really sat back and developed a product that is about clubs and the member experience. Zenbly produces data to enhance profit, yet at the same time creates a positive member and staff experience.

Below John quotes on new development. 

"The weekly notification report provides owners a recap of all the key events that took place in their business over the last 7 days. It is all available at the start of each week without you having to search for a single report. Key stats around conversions, member numbers, attendance, revenue, staff hours and much more is collated and shared with you Sunday night ready for you to review every Monday morning. It is not only a time saver but enables you to begin to plan your week and communicate with your staff based on your clubs previous weeks performance"


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