"Black And Brown voices need amplification to show representation"

A few weeks back on social media I met Katrina Pilkington, during our social media and phone conversation we decided to open up a discussion for all on our podcast.

We all have so much to learn.

Diversity and Inclusion two trend words used frequently but what do they really mean?  

What do your brand and marketing say about equality?


Is your boardroom all white people?

Do you reward and pay equally?


Diversity and Inclusion two words that have replaced the word collaboration, but personally I believe if we collaborate diversity and inclusion shouldn't be an issue. Think about it, for some, it's safer to stick in our little safe circle and sit on the fence than get uncomfortable.  

I still believe the biggest issue in the fitness industry is exclusion, exclusion based on opinion, beliefs, religion, sexual orientation and the colour of a person's skin.

Be a leader get uncomfortable the world is full of followers with loud voices.


Here’s the link to the implicit bias link Katrina's refer to:-
And other visual bias activities:
Also, here’s book link recommendations:
Overcoming bias + 
Subtle acts of exclusion + 
Institutional bias +
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Katrina Pilkington (she/her)
Wellness Workshop Presenter & Educator