Mark Mathieson
Extreme Psychologist
Founder - Mounted Missions Inc.
Founder - Psyched Up Pty Ltd
Mark is a registered Psychologist (although somewhat begrudgingly at times). Over the past 20 years he has worked in some of the strangest, harshest and least 'clinical' environments on the globe. He has managed human factors risk in the mountains of Laos, worked with Commanders of Special Operations forces in Afghanistan, debriefed wintering Expeditioners for the Australian Antarctic program, designed and implemented local recruitment and induction programs in the bad-lands of Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste for oil companies (including being taken hostage), established culture change programs in elite private schools, assessed and recruited indigenous youth into mining jobs in North Western Australia, taken privileged Australian teenagers into the mountains of Timor and Nepal, managed cast and crew on Reality TV shows, built resilience and 'grit' programs for corporate groups as well as many other more mundane services that help individuals, groups and organisations solve complex, adaptive, systemic human issues.

Mark currently spends his time working with elite performers from his base in North East Victoria on a 130 acre farm.  He is the developer of the Patterns of Life model of extreme performance.

Current projects:
SAS Australia - Reality TV show
The Farmer Wants a Wife - Reality TV show
Wangaratta Grit and Resilience Project - Community Development
Grass Tree Ridge Farm - EcoPsychology project
Individual coaching and consulting