After 18 years working with some of the biggest names in Fintech, including Thomson Financial and SS&C, Ian left corporate life as the COO of Sungard’s Asia pacific business. Since then, he’s founded a grown a number of companies including, and most recently,  Keepme, AI-powered technology designed specifically to address gym member retention – a perennial industry problem. 
In his view, retention is a topic that consumes thousands of words in the press, has conferences dedicated to it and has even grown a cottage industry in consultants with ideas on how to tackle it and yet, there is not a scrap of evidence to suggest we are improving. You would think that any business with 40% of its customers leaving each year would be eager to do something about it.  However, he says that gyms neglect to address this issue because the number coming through the front door as new members is currently more than those leaving through the back as ex-members.


Questions  We Ask Ian!


What Is AI?

What is the current state of retention in the fitness industry and how are operators responding?

How can AI help solve the retention problem?

Can AI replace the role of human intervention?

What is the one thing that a fitness operator should consider prior to deploying AI?

Ian is wanting club owners and fitness business professionals to get in touch with him and give their opinion on the industry and retention.

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