Gut Health With Flic Manning



I live life through the lens of Wellness, or what I simply like to call “Human”. My 30 year journey has been anything but linear; from struggling with invisible illness as a Dancer to becoming a Wellness Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur. In my talks and book, I share not only 30 years of training as a Wellness Advocate, Neuroplastician, Holistic Pain Management Facilitator, Performer, Fitness and Dance educator; but my own personal experience in managing Crohn's disease, chronic pain, mental health disorders, and my journey as an Entrepreneur. It is my honour to shine a light on my fellow invisible illness warriors through my career, and share the many important lessons learned from them, with people in a diverse range of industries and backgrounds. I am proud to be the Founder of Corethentic, an Ambassador for Crohns’ and Colitis Australia, host of “The Human Experience by Flic Manning” and “Corethentic Zen Meditations” Podcasts; and have had my work mentioned and featured in Women’s Health Australia Magazine, Lorna Jane, OK! Magazine Australia