Melony is the CEO of the PT Academy also known as the personal training academy.


The PT Academy has a team of 25 internationally recognised presenters who are leaders in fitness education across Australia, Europe and the USA.


The personal training academy is the premier sponsor for the healthy ageing summit in Brisbane March 27-29th.

With over a decade in the fitness industry, the PT Academy has grown to become recognised educators of top fitness instructors globally. 

They offer personal training certifications and fitness instructor courses as well as CEC accredited courses. Utilising proven Systems, Science and Tools the Personal Training Academy delivers flexible, blended, online and face-to-face education in Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Continuing Education Courses.


With the healthy ageing summit coming up in March I thought we would touch base on 

effective communication when working with the 45 plus market. 

We have a lot of young trainers qualifying in the industry of which some don’t necessarily have the life experience skills to work with the 45 plus market. 

How do we as an industry arm the younger generation with non-intimidating effective listening and connection tools?

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