It's not a podcast to sit down and have a quick listen before heading off to the gym or work.
Sean Mulroney and Bobby Cappuccio put together a very real touching, inspirational 75-minute episode. Like a great book or movie on TV, you need to sit down dedicate and focus your time to listen and take notes; I know I did.

'Turn your phone off.'

I ask Bobby why do fitness professional dismiss those that ask for help.
We talk about helping people, yet we say one thing yet do another. We put stuff in the hard basket.
Sean answers the question "Where is the fitness industry lacking"
At the end of the podcast listen to Sean tell us all about The Obesity Revolution and how we all globally can become apart of the journey to save the lives of many. I call upon the industry to help sponsor a global revolution to educate our trainers, so the dismissing stops and the engagement begins.


Bobby Cappuccio

Coach, author, and speaker

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Bobby Cappuccio @therobertcappuccio



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