Myzone the global number #1 results driven heart rate monitor launches ZoneMatch 

Mel and Dave bring the product of Myzone back to basics

We give you a better understanding of the MEP point system "members rewarded for the effort."

We discuss the launch of ZoneMatch, what it can do for your club how it can enhance your member's results and workout experience.

We discuss how demo belts work in the club and the success of the FREE virtual classes!

If your club is running HIIT classes, I strongly recommend you have a look at ZoneMatch.

Mel and Dave give a little tease about something new and exciting launching at Ihrsa 2018!

Enjoy our Myzone Podcast and don't forget to grab a coffee from Dave at the Ihrsa stand in San Diego in 2018 

For more information on Myzone, ZoneMatch and

Virtual Classes

Contact the Myzone team or Dave Wright via or









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