We had to follow up on our original podcast back in June with Jamie Logue New Business Development Manager at Coaching Zone.


The brand Coaching Zone has exploded onto the scene in Australia and is set to be one of the fastest growing training zones in Australia. 

Coaching Zone is a fitness program that combines training and coaching. We use the latest technology and techniques in a 45-minute workout, followed by 15 minutes of coaching to review your progress and educate you on a range of lifestyle factors that can accelerate your results.
Our online nutrition support, social events, and community atmosphere will make your journey to the new you fun and rewarding.
The Coaching Zone group personal training sessions cater to all fitness levels including those who are new or coming back to exercise. Our coaches educate members about the correct ways and intensities to train to, and how to achieve a sustainable training routine which is the key to long-term results.
Contact Jamie 0401249685
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