Bonjoro is an innovative new technology product that got its start out of Australia, and now is worldwide with over 40,000 users. Bonjoro allows fitness professionals, suppliers, gym owners, instructors and more to send personalized video emails to their prospects, vendors or members to drive more conversions and retain more business. They can be recorded straight from your phone or your desktop! In today's world, email inboxes are crowded and with mass mail often hitting promotions folders, entrepreneurs are having to get back to real, human relationships to stand out and stay relevant. That is the beauty of personal video. You are able to deliver body language, voice inflection, excitement and tone. At Bonjoro, we worked hard to make technology that is easy to use and can be leveraged from anywhere (we have a simple mobile app!), so you don't have to interrupt your workflow as you stay connected. As the world continues to change, we are deeply committed to helping the fitness world succeed and stay vibrant. 


Casey Hill – Head of Growth

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