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On 21st February 2020, the Australian fitness industry will see its third-ever IGNITE FITNESS BUSINESS event held in Melbourne’s CBD. Described as a blend of “fitness roundtable workshops” with expert guest speakers, PLUS for the first time in Australia “Piranha Pitches” IGNITE FITNESS uses a unique time-based information delivery format that had never been delivered in the Australian industry until the first event in 2019. Since then, Ignite fitness business events have launched in Singapore and Miami USA, under the direction of Mel Tempest.


Right now, fitness suppliers have a rare opportunity to confirm their brand as a true industry leader of innovation by taking advantage of the sponsorship packages that IGNITE FITNESS BUSINESS currently has available.




IGNITE FITNESS is designed to deliver high-quality information in a fast twenty five minute format, where fitness business experts host roundtables focusing on human resources, sales, retention, social media video marketing, the nuts and bolts of fitness and business innovation.

Each table holds eight to ten delegates, every twenty-five minute the delegates move to the next roundtable for new business education.


“’ Last Year we introduced TedEx style talks where speakers spoke for five minutes with twenty slides changing every fifteen-seconds.This year for the first time in Australia, Piranha Pitches will be launched. This is the first time in the Australian fitness industry that suppliers will be able to get up for a period of five minutes and pitch their product to the audience. Any supplier of a product can apply to pitch, but we do only have six spots so the competition will be fierce.

We are also introducing two new panels, our Fit Tech Panel and The Nuts And Bolts Of Business Panel! 



“Of course, every successful event has supporters and so right now, we are inviting industry suppliers who feel their brand resonates with this unique, short, sharp, innovative and NEW personalised type of event, to connect with us to find out about sponsorship, which will confirm their brand as a true industry leader of innovation.”


“To-date, there’s nothing like this event here in Australia, so to be involved is a sure-fire way for any fitness business to confirm its brand position as an innovative force to be reckoned,” concludes Tempest.


For full details about the available sponsorship packages connect with Mel Tempest via meltempest.net/ignite-sponsorship




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