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If your brand is synonymous with innovation, speed or quality of information, then you may be an ideal fit with the revolutionary 



On 21st February 2020, the Australian fitness industry will see its third-ever IGNITE FITNESS BUSINESS event held in Melbourne’s CBD. Described as a blend of “fitness roundtable workshops” with expert guest speakers, PLUS for the first time in Australia “Piranha Pitches” IGNITE FITNESS uses a unique time-based information delivery format that had never been delivered in the Australian industry until the first event in 2019. Since then, Ignite fitness business events have launched in Singapore and Miami USA, under the direction of Mel Tempest.


Right now, fitness suppliers have a rare opportunity to confirm their brand as a true industry leader of innovation by taking advantage of the sponsorship packages that IGNITE FITNESS BUSINESS currently has available.




IGNITE FITNESS is designed to deliver high-quality information in a fast twenty five minute format, where fitness business experts host roundtables focusing on human resources, sales, retention, social media video marketing, the nuts and bolts of fitness and business innovation.

Each table holds eight to ten delegates, every twenty-five minute the delegates move to the next roundtable for new business education.


“’ Last Year we introduced TedEx style talks where speakers spoke for five minutes with twenty slides changing every fifteen-seconds.This year for the first time in Australia, Piranha Pitches will be launched. This is the first time in the Australian fitness industry that suppliers will be able to get up for a period of five minutes and pitch their product to the audience. Any supplier of a product can apply to pitch, but we do only have six spots so the competition will be fierce.

We are also introducing two new panels, our Fit Tech Panel and The Nuts And Bolts Of Business Panel! 



“Of course, every successful event has supporters and so right now, we are inviting industry suppliers who feel their brand resonates with this unique, short, sharp, innovative and NEW personalised type of event, to connect with us to find out about sponsorship, which will confirm their brand as a true industry leader of innovation.”


“To-date, there’s nothing like this event here in Australia, so to be involved is a sure-fire way for any fitness business to confirm its brand position as an innovative force to be reckoned,” concludes Tempest.


For full details about the available sponsorship packages connect with Mel Tempest via



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Press Release: Hear About How The White Label Podcast Saves You Time, Money, Builds Your Brand With My Skill And Technology!

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Pirana Pitches

Ignite Fitness Business Event Melbourne

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The Women's Fit Tech Business Event



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Steve Jensen Is A Highly Sought After

Speaker And Sales Educator

Steve Interviews

Mel Tempest

On Branding, Marketing And Online Presence

You Can Also Watch The Live Video On



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The Business Within A Business Model Is Not New; It's Been Operational In Clubs And Leisure Centres For Years. The Problem Is Club Owners Have Spent Decades Looking At Their Business As One, When In Fact The Majority Of Gyms Have A Least Four Business Models In Their Club.

Aktiv Solutions Have Designed 

The Perfect Additional Business Model

 It's Called


I Call It "The 24/7 Aktiv Hot Spot" 


Will Drive Results For Clients And 

Profit For Business Owners 24/7

Visit Aktiv Solutions At FIBO USA Miami Beach 2019

Contact Bryan

View The Aktiv ACADEMY Studio

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September 17, 2019

Daniel Nyri 4U Fitness

In 2011, with $150 in his pocket and nothing else to his name,

he moved to the U.S.


Instead of letting it shatter his world, Daniel discovered a new purpose in life and decided to pursue a dream to change the world by reducing obesity, one person at a time.

Nyiri prioritized his life, set goals and planned his future. Understanding how much work and capital needed to build a business, he worked 5 jobs simultaneously to generate income and develop the right relationships so that he can begin his entrepreneurial career. The game-changer came next as he developed the American version of E-Fit, the full-body Electrical Muscle Stimulation workout with Dr Janos Papp. He worked diligently until he saved enough to purchase a small fitness studio—4U Fitness—for $30,000.



Daniel can be found online here:

Twitter: @NyiriDaniel Blog: www.danielnyiri.comInstagram: @danielZnyiri Google+: +DanielNyiri

Facebook: @DanielNyiri Youtube: /4UFitness

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Craig Harper - Bobby Cappuccio - Andrea Leonard

Cody Sipe - Steve Brossman - Owen Bowling

Mel Tempest - Laraine Dunn  

Menopause - Brain And Body Connection

 Chronic Illness - Exercise And Cancer -

Older Adults Training Systems 

Australia's First Ageing Educational Summit Launches In Brisbane 2020

Listen - Register - Collaborate 

Read The Press Release Here

This Event Will Sell Out, Limited Spots, Booths Available At The Expo.

Contact Ken

Visit The Summit On Facebook



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No Doubt That Group Fitness Has Slid A Little In The Last Few Years Due To The Popularity Of HIIT Programs. However, Times Are Changing, And Group Fitness Is Making A Huge Comeback. Clubs Need To Be Ready With New Fresh Exciting Programs! If You Think I'm Wrong Then Ask Yourself Why Did HIIT Boxes Become The New Place To Be?

Clubbercise Is One Of The New Programs About To Take Australia By Storm.

Mel's Top 3 Programs To Get Your Club Group Fitness Room Pumping Are:-

1. Clubbercise

2. Steel Tonic

3. Soul Body Unhitched

For Clubbercise enquiries Contact Claire Burlison 

For Steel Tonic contact Mel Tempest

For Soul Body Unhitched Contact Stacey Van Diver


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After 18 years working with some of the biggest names in Fintech, including Thomson Financial and SS&C, Ian left corporate life as the COO of Sungard’s Asia pacific business. Since then, he’s founded a grown a number of companies including, and most recently,  Keepme, AI-powered technology designed specifically to address gym member retention – a perennial industry problem. 
In his view, retention is a topic that consumes thousands of words in the press, has conferences dedicated to it and has even grown a cottage industry in consultants with ideas on how to tackle it and yet, there is not a scrap of evidence to suggest we are improving. You would think that any business with 40% of its customers leaving each year would be eager to do something about it.  However, he says that gyms neglect to address this issue because the number coming through the front door as new members is currently more than those leaving through the back as ex-members.


Questions  We Ask Ian!


What Is AI?

What is the current state of retention in the fitness industry and how are operators responding?

How can AI help solve the retention problem?

Can AI replace the role of human intervention?

What is the one thing that a fitness operator should consider prior to deploying AI?

Ian is wanting club owners and fitness business professionals to get in touch with him and give their opinion on the industry and retention.

Contact Ian and the team at




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Or Contact Alex


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Six Men, One Female Podcast Host, Some Magpies In The Background, Some Silence, A Whole Lot Of Honesty, A Few Laughs, Some Vulnerable Moments, Some Hard Numbers Facts About Suicide Health And Life.

We As A Panel Hope That We Give You Some Tools And Resources That Help You Through The Challenges Of Life And Business. 

We Ask That You The Listener Ask A Person Each Week "R U OK" 3 Words That Could Save A Life. 

For Support Or Help

Please Call Lifeline 13 11 14 And

Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636

Resources From The Show

Recommended By Andrew Chadwick 

Recommended By Owen Bowling

Recommendations that were mentioned: Calm (meditation and sleep stories app) Headspace Esther Perel on audible and has a few books Brene brown - books and a Netflix documentary on the power of vulnerability






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