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When the Godfather of fitness business Thomas Plummer runs his number one social media workshop for club owners, you can guarantee Colin McGarty is working alongside him making a difference to the social media presence of clubs globally.
Colin is a successful club owner who understands the frustrations felt by fitness business owners. Colin and Mel go right back to the basic social media skills needed for success. Colin is also known for his #kettlebell skills! Check his club out at Seacoast Kettlebell
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It's been a few years since Thomas presented at Filex but he's back for 2018!

Known as the godfather of fitness business to many Thomas Plummer packs the rooms at any convention he presents at. Many times people are left standing or sitting on the floor.

The man is hot property and you cant question that, people vote with their feet and the feet are in the door and the bums are on seats.

Why is he in demand?

Thomas doesnt sell old tricks! 


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With the rapid growth of studios and clubs around the world alot of fitness business owners are now turning to fitness business coaching for help.

Thomas shares his opinion on the podcast and Mel's opinion is pretty straight forward "some need to find a new career"


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Ever wondered what the best fitness business models looks like?

Listen, Learn And Be That Model...

And no we are not talking selfies,

tans and muscle models.

Thomas and Mel are talking about the real stuff that can make your business one of the best in your community. 

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Lets discuss whats going on around the globe.

24/7 - Big Gyms - Studios and more

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When do I know if its the right time to open another club?

Partnerships and Banks! 

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Thomas and Mel chat about

Filex 2018

Branding and Social Media

The Next Generation Of Gyms

Opening Another Club



To Be Relevant You Need Results

What Is A Training Gym

You Cant Be Everything To Everybody

 What Makes A Great Fitness Business Coach 

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